Project Description

The main objective of the MIVis project is to improve on current sketch-based modeling research to create more complex and detailed models than is currently possible.

MIVis combines implicit surfaces and polygonal representations with real time direct manipulation for free form procedural modeling and rendering operations.

Much of sketch based modeling results in cartoon type figures (models and renderings). Tools sets require improvement and expansion to provide usable techniques for creating more complex real world objects. Current sketch-based modeling systems/tools do not provide the complexity of operations and speed to create common scientific illustrations, which frequently contain lots of detail.

The MIVis project is driven by the requirements of scientific illustrators to ensure the tools created are useful and usable.

The work developed in this project was supported by national funds through FCT grant PTDC/EIA-EIA/104031/2008 and under contract Pest-OE/EEI/LA0021/2013.