Untitled Interactive Tabletops for Architectural Visualization:
Combining Stereoscopy and Touch Interfaces for Cultural Heritage
B Figueiredo, EC Costa, B Araújo, F Fonseca, D Mendes, J Jorge, JP Duarte
eCAADe 2014, Northumbria University, UK 10th – 12th September 2014.
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brar Direct Interactive 3D Modeling in a Semi-Immersive Environment
Bruno Araújo
PhD Thesis, pp. 165-178, July 2013, Instituto Superior Técnico, Univ Lisboa
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Interactive Stereoscopic Visualization of Alberti Architectural Models
Fernando Fonseca,Daniel Mendes, Bruno Araújo, Alfredo Ferreira, Joaquim Jorge
INESC-ID Technical Report, June 2013.
Mockup Builder: 3D Modeling On and Above the Surface
Bruno Araújo, Gery Casiez, Joaquim Jorge, Martin Hachet
Computers and Graphics, 37(3), pp. 165-178, Feb. 2013, Elsevier.
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3dpic Survey on Multi-touch and Mid-Air 3D Manipulation Techniques
Daniel Mendes, Fernando Fonseca, Bruno Araújo, Alfredo Ferreira, Joaquim Jorge
INESC-ID Technical Report, Mar 2013.
Special Issue on Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Applications
Alberto B. Raposo, Joaquim A. P. Jorge, Jan. 2013
SBC Journal on 3D Interactive Systems.

2012 NaturaSketch: Modeling from Images and Natural Sketches
Luke Olsen, Faramarz Samavati & Joaquim Jorge
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Journal (Best Paper Award).
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ecaade Combining Virtual Environments and Direct Manipulation for Architectural Modeling, Bruno Araújo, Joaquim Jorge, José Duarte
ECAADe 2012, September 2012, Prague, Czech Republic (Best Paper Award)
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Mockup Builder: Direct 3D Modeling On and Above the Surface in a Continuous Interaction Space
Bruno Araújo, Joaquim A. Jorge, Géry Casiez
Graphics Interface, Toronto, CA, May 2012 [bibtex] [paper]
I, the Device: Observing Human Aversion from an HCI Perspective
Ricardo Jota, Pedro Lopes and Joaquim A Jorge
In Alt.CHI Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’12). Austin, Texas, May, 2012
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Towards an Immersive Interface for 3D Object Retrieval
Pedro B. Pascoal, Alfredo Ferreira, Joaquim A. Jorge
3DOR 2012, pp 51-54, Eurographics Cagliary, Italy
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Im-O-Ret: Immersive object retrieval
Pedro B Pascoal, Alfredo Ferreira and Joaquim Armando Pires Jorge
IEEE VR, pp. 121-122 , IEEE CS Press, Costa Mesa, CA, March 2012
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Augmenting touch interaction through acoustic sensing
Pedro Lopes, Ricardo Jota, Joaquim A Jorge
ITS ’11 Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, Kopbe, Japan, Nov. 2011.
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Understanding the Effect of User Position on
Ray-Pointing Techniques for Large Scale Displays

Ricardo Jorge Jota Costa PhD Thesis, Instituto Superior Técnico da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, September 2011. [bibtext] [DOI]
Combining bimanual manipulation and pen-based input for 3D modelling
Pedro Lopes, Daniel Mendes, Bruno Araújo, Joaquim A. Jorge
EG/ACM Symposium on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling (SBIM) 2011, Vancouver, August 2011.
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The Continuous Interaction Space: Interaction Techniques Unifying Touch
and Gesture On and Above a Digital Surface.

In Proceedings of the 13th IFIP TCI3 Conference on Human Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2011. (Lisbon, Portugal)
September 2011
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Hands-on Interactive Tabletop LEGO Application
Daniel Mendes Pedro Lopes Alfredo Ferreira
ACM Advances in Computers and Entertainment ACE/2011, Lisboa, Portugal.
Sketch-based Interfaces and Modeling
Joaquim Jorge, Faramarz Famil Samavati, Springer, 184882811X, 9781848828117, 2011


A comparison of ray pointing techniques for very large displays
Ricardo Jota, Miguel A. Nacenta, Joaquim A. Jorge, M. Sheelagh T. Carpendale and Saul Greenberg
Graphics Interface 2010, Proceedings of the Graphics Interface 2010 Conference, May, 31 – June 02, 2010, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 269-276
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A Survey of Interaction techniques with Large Scale Displays
Joaquim A. Jorge and Ricardo Jota, INESC-ID Technical Report, August 2010
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A syntactic approach based on distortion-tolerant Adjacency Grammars and a spatial-directed parser to interpret sketched diagrams J.
Mas, J. Llados, G. Sanchez J.A.P.Jorge, Pattern Recognition 43 (2010) pp 4148-4164
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